Japanese Dog!

Dog famous in Japan, is a Shiba Inu. Its magnitude, 38 male - is 41cm. Female 35 - is a small breed of 38cm. In lovely figure, it is very friendly.

4 years from the Great East Japan Earthquake


I Love Japan official LINE sticker free offer campaign!

We will be releasing I Love Japan official LINE offer campaign! How to get free LINE sticker:

Do you know Japanese Izakaya?

Izakaya is Japanese style pub where you can enjoy snacks with alcohols.It is casual atmosphere, it is popular among young people and workers.Today I came to Sangenjaya in Tokyo, it is 5 minutes distance by train from Shibuya.

Nagaoka Fireworks festival

It is Nagaoka Fireworks festival. Nagaoka Fireworks festival is the three biggest displays of fireworks in Japan.

fireworks festival

Sumida River Fireworks Festival is an event with the history. There are visitors of one million people.

Aomori “Nebuta”

It is a festival of traditional Aomori in Japan is "Nebuta". Please enjoy the movie & pictures of the powerful.


It is a video about the beautiful Japan.

Ninja × school girl=!? ~japanese school girl chase~

Please see the video of the surprise Japanese high school girl moves like a ninja.

Videos of various cultures of Japan

What do you like in the Japanese culture? This is a great video that introduced the various cultures of Japan.

Kaiten zushi

Do you like sushi? Today we came to Kaiten-zushi (conveyer-belt type sushi bar restaurant).Kaiten-zushi is generally well known restaurant in Japan. There is a conveyer belt inside the restaurant and the sushi goes around along the belt. We can pick whatever you want from the belt directly without asking.

Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan movie

It is a precious high-quality video walked Shibuya through the eyes of people. Please see the very interesting video.

World Karate Championships Paris 2012

Karate is a traditional sport of Japan. Here is a video Japanese won the world tournament. Please see the beautiful karate.

Japanese traditional event; Tanabata

Today, July 7th is Tanabata day. Do you know this traditional and very romantic event? This is Japanese traditional event that takes place from old days.

Kyoto became No.1 in world sightseeing city populality ranking!

Kyoto, Japan took the first place for the first time in "the world popular tourist city ranking" by the world most influential travel magazine 'TRAVEL+LEISURE"!

The Unexpected Conclusion of Shiba vs. Toy Shiba

Shiba exposes his threatintimidation against the toy Shiba. Nevertheless, they have come to reconcile for an unexpected opportunity.Don't miss their cute video clips.

Japanese Shiba Inu best photo 20

Introducing the Shiba Inu various images of Japan. 20 in total, such as puppies and interesting figure, is all cute.

Fancy dress unique Japanese supporters in brazil World Cup

Besides those players, the Brazil World Cup has so much more to see. Here is the today's summary of Japanese supporters in unique disguise. Samurai and the Japanese flag, Pikachu and pretty fans, etc... I used many images, so please enjoy perusing them.

Fabulous Japanese supporters picking up barbage

Japan lost in the last match, but Japanese supporters who picked up garbage around their seats have been getting attention from the world.

Samurai soccer movie!

Amazing! Samurai armor was playing soccer in Brazil. In front of children playing with a football in a vacant lot in Brazil, samurai appeared suddenly. Brilliant ball handling began. It is popular with children.