Fabulous Japanese supporters picking up barbage

picking up barbage People

picking up barbage

Their garbage pick up is getting attention from the entire world.



Japanese supporters

They use this blue garbage bag for cheering up their team.



picking up barbage6picking up barbage4

Japanese supporters were very disappointed after being pipped at the post, but even after the loss, they started cleaning up the place with blue garbage bags in their hands.



picking up barbage3 picking up barbage
In fact, it is a traditional event which has been done for 16 years since Japan’s first participation to the (soccer) World Cup game.
We have lost at the first league in the World Cup in France in 1998, but in every single match, Japanese supporters cleaned all the areas including where opponents were sitting.



picking up barbage2名称未設定-8

Many medias in the every countries are praising Japanese supporters.

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