Do you want to go to Japanese “Teishoku-ya”?


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Today I would like to try Japanese deep-fried food in Teishoku style. Deep-fried food is widely eaten in Japan.



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As I mentioned in my previous report regarding Teishoku, after you are guided to table the tea will be served. Wet napkin to clean your hands and mouth were also served together.



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This is Agemono- deep-fried food- Teishoku.



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Today’s deep-fried food is croquette and a fried cake of minced meat called Menchi-katsu. Deep fried food is mostly with strip-sliced cabbage.



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I guess most of you already knows, this is rice. Very delicious, matches well with various types of food.



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This is Miso soup, seaweed and fried tofu called Abura-age for ingredients.



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This is cooked vegetables called Nitsuke. Colorful carrot and pea makes the dish enjoyable visually.



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This is tofu with dried bonito called Katsuo-bushi. Katsuo-bushi is often used in Japanese cuisine Washoku.



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Japanese pickles called Tsuke-mono is often served as side dish in Teishoku.



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This is kidney beans dipped in soy sauce.



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Everybody is enjoying their food.


How was my report? I hope you enjoyed it!


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