What is “Teishoku” ?


There are many restaurants of Teishoku in Japan.

Teishoku is Japanese set meal with rice, Miso soup, Japanese pickles and another main dish.



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Today I would like to show you the Teishoku with fish main dish.


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This is how the Teishoku restaurant is like in inside.

When I went there, it was dinner time so there are many customers.



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The table is basically for 2 people, 1 person or 2 people will sit at 1 table.

Usually there are menu, napkins, seasonings like soy sauce and toothpicks.



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After you sit at table, the tea or water will be served. It was hot tea when I went, maybe because it was cold weather. You can feel the Japanese kindness everywhere.



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Let’s take a look at the menu.

There are several types of Teishoku, I ordered Taishoku with Saikyo-zuke.



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It won’t take that long the meal to be served, no stress at all.



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This is red fish in Saikyo-zuke style.

It is a grilled fish with Saikyo Miso made in Kyoto.

You can taste sweetness of Miso, it is very delicious.



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This is rice. Today I also ordered grated radish and small fish called Shirasu- whitebait. Add some soy sauce, it’s even more delicious.



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Lastly, this is Miso soup, very general soup in Japan.


If you have any chance, please try some Teishoku!

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