Tokyo tower

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Year of 1958, this beautiful tower was made.

The official name of this tower is Nippon Denpa-to- the direct translation is Japan Radio wave Tower- but called Tokyo Tower.




This is 333 meters high, second highest building as of today.

Tokyo Tower is well known as symbol of the city of Tokyo.




Many sightseers visit here, there are approximately 3 million of visitors per year.

There is observation deck where you can enjoy the view from 120 meters high from the ground.

Also there is special observation deck which is 223.55 meters high from the ground.

Cafe and souvenir shop is available too.




Illumination of Tokyo Tower is not always the same, it changes depending on the events happening in Japan.




For example, when Tokyo was chosen for 2020 Olympic, the tower was lighted up with 5 Olympic colors.




On Pink Ribbon Festival day, the tower was covered with pink color.




Recently Tokyo Sky Tree- a highest building as of today, built in 2012- is becoming very popular but still many people name Tokyo Tower as their favorite building.




Orthodox but familiar Tokyo Tower will be always loved by people.


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