Asakusa report 2/2


Asakusa movie report by Rin

Let me continue our Asakusa report from yesterday.

Please check out both video and pictures!

Asakusa report 1/2




This is the famous entrance named Kaminari-Mon. Kaminari means thunder and Mon means gate.

The big Japanese lantern called Chochin is the symbol.




Walk though the Kaminari-Mon, and here is the Nakamise. Nakamise is shops lining up along the pathway of temple.




They sell many Japanese traditional goods which is very popular for foreign visitors, it is always crowded.



写真 2014-03-05 2 57 35

This is Japanese swords. In eras of samurai, samurai carried Japanese swords.



写真 2014-03-05 2 56 43

This is Japanese hairstyle wig called Katsura.



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This is Japanese lantern Chochin and Japanese Daruma.

The way of using Chochin is same as western lantern, you put a candle to light up.

Maybe you might noticed already, Daruma is a figure with one eye.

You make a wish and once the wish came true you draw the other eye.



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This is an ornament of Juni-shi, the twelve horary signs.



写真 2014-03-05 2 56 54 写真 2014-03-05 2 56 58

These are ordinary candies but very vivid and cute! Japanese sweets are very detailed, so popular for souvenirs.



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This is a mask of Tengu. Tengu is an imaginary animal shaped like a human but with very long nose.



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There are other masks like Hyottoko and Okame, Shichi-fuku-jin. Hyottoko is man, Okame is woman. Shichi-fuku-jin is a group of 7 gods. Shichi means seven, fuku means lucky and jin means god.



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This is Japanese rice ball dumplings named Kibi-dango. Dango means rice ball dumplings.



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It is very delicious.



写真 2014-03-05 2 57 51

Is the price.

This is called Ningyo-yaki. Please check out the video to how to make them.

Asakusa has many interesting spots to see and visit, filled with Japanese and foreign visitors every day.



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