Sakura(cherry tree)

sakura3 Scenery


Cherry blossom (Sakura in Japanese) is a symbolic plant of Japan. It blooms in spring mainly.




Color is bright pink, when wind blows and make petal fell down from the tree it’s romantic and lovely.



In Japan, an event called Hanami (cherry blossom watching) will take place in many parks and river side where you and enjoy the beautiful scenery.




We also enjoy meals and alcohols as well by the cherry blossoms. When we see cherry blossoms and Hanami, Japanese people feel that the spring has come.




Do you want to go to see the cherry blossoms?

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  1. Donna Whittaker より:

    We lived in Japan for three years and loved the sakura time of year. I miss it greatly!

  2. Elizabeth Corpus より:

    I wish.i.could.see this cherry blossoms. I am here in the USA and u only.see this.tree in Asian houses. Have to.go there and Korea.too.