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Do you like sushi? Today we came to Kaiten-zushi (conveyer-belt type sushi bar restaurant).


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Kaiten-zushi is generally well known restaurant in Japan. There is a conveyer belt inside the restaurant and the sushi goes around along the belt. We can pick whatever you want from the belt directly without asking.Its casual style restaurant, it is very popular not only to young people but also families.


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This is how the inside looks like.Shokunin (general meaning is “workman” but in this case it means Sushi chef) stands in the middle, there are seats along the belt.


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Shokunin is well trained for many years to become sushi chef.


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This is how the counter seats look like.From left, toothpicks, Japanese spice Shichimi (“Shichi” is seven and “mi” is taste, which means there are seven spices blended), soy sauce, ponzu sauce.


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This is sliced pickled ginger called Gari.Gari is always at the table in sushi restaurant. The taste makes your mouth refreshed while eating raw fish sushi and it makes sushi more delicious. Sushi, gari and then sushi, please try this way of eating.


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You make your own tea with hot water comes out from here.


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You put the powder first and push button with the cup (this type of cup is called Yunomi).


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You can help yourself with miso soup anytime.


Here comes sushi! You can take one you like.Various kinds of sushi comes around on the belt, it is very unique.


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This is salmon and salmon roe. こちらはサーモンといくら。

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This is bonito. こちらはかつおです。

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This is tuna. こちらはまぐろです。

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This is mackerel. こちらはさばです。

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This is squid . こちらはイカです。

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Here is called California Roll. カリフォルニアロールです。

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There are also some unique sushis, this is avocado and asparagus. 一風変わったお寿司もあります。こちらはアボカドとアスパラです。

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They also have side dish like fried chicken and deserts. お寿司以外も、からあげやデザートもあります。

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Pour some soy sauce to plate and you are ready to eat! Yes, it is very delicious.


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You can also order set menu. Squid, octopus, shrimp, Japanese omelet, scallop, cooked ell… So many kinds!


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This is called Chawan-mushi (Chawan means bowl and Mushi means to steam), well known Japanese food also.Egg and soup is steamed with mushrooms, chicken, shrimp and so on. You eat it when its warmed up.

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When you finish eating, you count the plates and pay the bill.


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Each plates shows the price by different colors, you count how many are there in each color.


Please visit Kaiten-zushi, you will love Japan more!


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