Hikkoshi-soba Do you know?

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The new fiscal year has started- I don’t know if there are same fiscal year custom is common all over the world but there is a way to count a year from April in Japan- , maybe there are many of you who has moved to begin your new life.

So today I would like to share Japanese custom called Hikkoshi-soba.



Hikkoshi means moving and Soba is Japanese noodle named Soba.

Hikkoshi-soba is to give soba to your new neighbor after moving to new place.




It started in mid Edo period.

The people used to give red bean gruel or rice cake called Mochi but because they wanted to make it simpler, they started to give cheaper Soba instead.




Now a day Japanese people say that Hikkoshi-soba also includes the meaning of “I wish to keep our relation long” which comes from long shape of soba, but it seems to make this gift cheap but delicious and appreciated were the first reason of this custom.


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