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Recently I saw an article that saying “The numbers of Ninjas has decreased” instead of saying “There are no Ninjas anymore” makes foreigners happy on SNS.

So today, let’s us talk about Ninja a little bit.



It will be very interesting if I could really say that Ninja has decreased, but they don’t exist today.

Nowadays animation and manga- Japanese cartoons- make the image of Ninja, it is said that they actually existed in the past.Then what kind of roll they took as Ninjas?




Simply saying, Ninja was a Japanese style spies.

What they did was collecting information regarding their enemies, sometimes assassinating and so on.




Female Ninja was called Kunoichi.

In the world of animation and manga, Ninja is often described as spies with excellent reflexes like flying from a tree to another, do you think that the real Ninjas were like that too?

There were Ninja serving for feudal lord called Daimyo, they might were actually how they are drawn in animation and manga.


There is also an estimate that says famous Ninja weapon named Shuriken were not often used and something to use as a last chance weapon, which means that their great athletic ability was the main weapon.




There are various theories regarding Ninja, it is very hard to tell even in which eras they existed.


We cannot define Ninja but exploring through the theories makes you feel like you are in the time when Ninjas lived.

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