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Today the Japan Meteorological Agency has announced that the cherry blossoms started to bloom in Tokyo area. The weather is warm, winter jackets were no need today.




Japanese people are looking forward for event called Hanami- hana means flowers and mi means to look- so securing places where you can see cherry blossoms is very tough.




Hanami is to gather with people and enjoy food and alcohols at where you can also see cherry blossoms blooming. Cherry blossoms blooms only for short period of time, it falls easily due to strong wind or rain.




First weekend in April will be already off-peak times for cherry blossoms, this weekend must be crowded with people doing Hanami in Tokyo. Those of you living in Hokkaido, wait little bit more until early May for the blooming announcement! >> Sakura Zensen




By the way, as celebration the announcement of cherry blossoms blooming in Tokyo, the Tokyo Tower will be lighted up with pink tonight.

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