Yakatabune(Japanese houseboat)

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There is a boat called Yakata Bune (a houseboat) in Japan.




The inside of the boat is Japanese style design, and Japanese drinking party Enkai  will be held inside.




During the summer time which many firework event would be held, many people tries to reserve the Yakata Bune to see the fireworks from the boat.




Please visit Japan and try this boat!


  1. Asit Saha より:

    minna konbanwa. watshi wa indokara asito desu. bonganni sunde imasu. anatano ‘ I love Japan” oebu saito was totemo tanoshini mite watashi wa hontoni ureshii desu. o shashin o arigato gozaimasu.
    i heartily appreciate your website’s photographs and introductions of different items of Japanese Style of living.. Though I’ve great interest of visiting Japan and viewing different attractions of this Pacific surround islands country, I find it is not possible for some problems of my family and service..Thanks for invitation.of visiting such a beautiful country proud of sincere most and industrious people.